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Reforming Texas is a job that cannot be done by one person. Creating a better deal for Texans requires more than a passionate leader. We need a leader who works with legislators to create a unified Texas. Most importantly, someone who will listen to the will of the people. Your voice matters. Your actions deserve to have actual weight.

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Expand Medicaid to the millions of uninsured Texans

Let's evaluate all of our options and let you decide.



I support directly empowering Texans with modern powers to exert our consent and will; by amending  our constitution to include state and local referendum, recall, and initiative rights; ensuring our system reflects consent, integrity, and the will of Texans.

I support ending the drug war in favor of safer regulation, and taxation to fund mental health and addiction services. We can reduce immigration, reduce the power of the cartels, our healthcare costs, and save lives.

I support restoring election integrity through election reforms such as Ranked Choice Voting, bans on secret donors and lobbyist, developing an entirely new, transparent, accessible voting system, and unlinking money from electability.

I support restoring the integrity of our government by improving transparency into public official’s finances, limiting lobbyists and special interests, and making all data public and accessible.

I strongly support all our inalienable civil rights. I support the principles of the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence as our guiding principles for the civil rights of our citizens and for defining the scope of our Government.


I support data privacy. I believe that your data, your likeness, and anything digitally you, is yours; that you should retain control over this data and the right to disappear from the internet if you wish.


I support ensuring all Texans are represented in our state by using appointment power to build a coalition from every party, Reform, Libertarian Party, Party, Democrat Party, Republican Party, Green Party, and every other party in Texas; by seeking compromise and bipartisanship, and  I oppose any party having a deciding majority within any legislative body.


I support your right to own property, unrestrained. I want to see Texas on a path to true residential home ownership, free from threat of tax foreclosure. 


I support finding a solution to our continued healthcare crisis and patching our deficiency by expanding Medicaid to bring in the millions who cannot afford access to health care today.


I support police reform that promotes safety, such as body cameras, grappling training, de-escalation training, fitness standards, community oversight boards, and establishing improved pay standards to attract and retain high performing officers.


I support education reform as a means to delivering our future workforce, which includes equally funding K-12 education for all children in Texas, allowing our professional educators more discretion to choose their methods and goals. 


I support keeping Texas clean. We only get one state, it is our duty to protect it and I believe there are many ways to do this that save us money and keep Texas clean.


I support a balanced budget approach. Tax payers work hard for their money and it is our duty to be frugal, responsible, and transparent with every penny. I will not take a penny for my home or my personal use as previous Governors have done.