Patrick Wynne is a member of the Reform Party, America's leading centrist, moderate, populist party. The Reform Party was founded by Ross Perot in 1995 and is positioned for the more than 60% of Americans who self-identify as centrists.

Early Life

Patrick Scott Wynne was born November 20th, 1981 in Dallas and raised in Lewisville, TX until leaving for the Navy at 18. The oldest of four, at age four he experienced the loss of his sister Elizabeth to SIDS. 

Shortly after Elizabeth’s death, a member of the extended family took advantage of this time to begin molesting Patrick. As a victim of sexual abuse, he has personal motivation to end crimes against children. He knows what victims experience firsthand and wants no child to have to live with that trauma.

At the age of eleven, Patrick’s parents filed for divorce. Unfortunately, the divorce was messy and Patrick only knew of his father’s side of the story. This led to the day in court when at age 12, a judge asked him with which parent he would like to live. Upon his testimony, the judge granted Patrick’s father sole custody of him and Patrick lost contact with his mother. This was his first lesson on the problems with family court.

After this latest upheaval he embraced the goth culture. Dressing goth gave him the experience of being outside of acceptable culture and he began to be targeted by police. He was subjected to many random stops, told he was speeding or driving erratically when he wasn’t, and was even harassed by police at school.  These experiences taught him firsthand, that profiling is real. He saw how appearance affects how police treat you. He understood that he was privileged to be able to merely change the way he dressed to escape persecution but that others are not as fortunate. 

Around this time, Patrick also started experimenting with drugs, trying to self-medicate away the trauma of his young life. Experiences with MDMA, DMT, and Psilocybin mushrooms substituted for therapy and helped him to come to terms with his repressed emotions.

Upon graduating high school, Patrick joined the US Navy. Despite his experiences as a child, he was a patriot from a young age, and felt a calling to serve his country from as early as he could remember. He was assigned a tour of South America working with the Coast Guard in the drug war. His experiences in the Navy further shaped his view of the world.

He saw first hand the costs of the drug war, both fiscally and in human trauma. He saw the millions spent by the military in pursuing drug traffickers. He was forced to participate in so-called “midnight ops” where millions of dollars worth of equipment were thrown overboard, in order to ensure a military budget, based on “use it or lose it”, was approved the following year. He saw the devastation visited on the native people by the drug cartels through violence and instability, and the extreme poverty this caused. While doing charity work, on leave in Ecuador, he met people of such little means that they literally could not afford clothes. He saw women forced into prostitution and then coldly murdered by their pimp right in front of him. He saw the conditions, of such violence and lack of opportunity, that inspires so many to try to escape to America. Back home he saw his best friend die from dirty heroin, sold to him by a gang member, another side-effect of the drug war.  

During his Navy enlistment, he also became part of rave culture. Among strangers and with friends, he experienced the cathartic release of pent-up emotions that MDMA enables. Although, not in a clinical setting with a professional therapist, the drug still had a positive effect of allowing him to come to terms with the things that had happened to him. He was able to let go of the anger that had simmered in him during his youth and started working to become a more balanced person. Unfortunately, the drug war reared its head here as well and he saw friends arrested and sent to jail for participating in raves. With convictions on their permanent records these friends’ future employability was irreparably harmed.

Following the Navy, he used the Navy GI bill, to major in finance. The GI bill did not meet all his expenses so he worked different jobs while also taking classes. During this time he got married to his first wife and moved to Seattle.  He started working in mortgage lending. 

During this time his first marriage disintegrated, he divorced, and moved back to Texas. Reeling from his divorce he started dating the woman who would become his second wife and she became pregnant. This pregnancy, along with the unplanned pregnancies among a majority of his friends and family members, convinced him of the desperate need for sexual education reform in Texas. It was very clear to him, that young Texans were completely uneducated on sexual reproduction. A vast amount of abortions and unplanned pregnancies would be prevented if Texas high schoolers were merely taught the fundamentals of reproduction and birth control.  

His career took a new turn in 2010, when he was shifted from mortgage lending to the foreclosure department. He was flown around the country to big convention halls to work with people who were facing foreclosure due to the housing crisis. He was told firsthand accounts of the devastation the industry’s predatory behavior had on people’s lives. This experience formed his opinion that some government oversight of large businesses is necessary, so that individual citizens can maintain their liberty from powerful corporations. It also formed his opinion that he really needed to escape from this soul-crushing industry.

He decided to pursue a career in computer science. So after work, while taking care of his infant daughter, he taught himself computer programming. After just six months he had learned enough to seek a job in his new career.

For several years his life was relatively calm. He started to work his way up in his new career path and his family soon grew to add a son in 2011. Unfortunately, his second marriage was no more successful than his first and in 2015 he divorced. He was granted primary custody of his children, but not before the judge warned him that he should not pursue child-support from his ex-wife. The judge said he would view seeking support as vindictive and award custody to the mother. 

In 2016, Patrick met his third wife, then Jenica Gunduz, a divorced mother of two kids, and felt an instant connection. Shortly before the end of the year they got engaged. 

Around this time, Patrick’s second wife decided she wanted primary custody of the children and took Patrick back to court. It was in the Denton County Family Courts, that Patrick witnessed the ingrained bias against fathers in custody determinations.

Despite Texas family code clearly stating, that a change in custody should not be made unless there is a material and substantial change to the circumstances of the children, the judge was openly hostile to Patrick and clearly leaning in his ex-wife’s favor from the start. Patrick had succeeded over the past year to keep his children’s life as stable as possible, even going as far as to pretend his fiancé and he were just playdate parents until he was sure the kids’ liked her. His opinion only started to change when Patrick began to talk about his fiancé and her qualities as a great mother and a stable parent. It was clear that this judge would side with the mother in custody battles, against Texas Family Code, unless, there was not only overwhelming evidence of the father continuing to provide a more stable home, but also the presence of another woman to be a mother to the children. This experience and those of his friends has convinced Patrick that the family courts need major reform.

Political Life

Never one to adhere to partyism, Patrick has voted across all parties in the past, striving for the most good for all people.

Current day

Today, Patrick resides in Flower Mound, Texas with his third wife, Jenica Wynne, their four children, and a flock of chickens. In the last couple years, while working full-time, Patrick holds a bachelor’s in software engineering, a masters in Data Science, for Patrick, learning is a lifelong journey.


His wife and he have taken up many hobbies together from gardening, backpacking, and kayaking, to their current passion which is jiujitsu. They enjoy spending time outdoors with their family and friends and visiting the natural wonders of our country. Both he and his wife are voracious readers and are never without an audiobook.

During the coronavirus lockdowns, Patrick became convinced that it was time to answer his life-long desire for public service. Watching the first amendment rights of the citizens being trampled under a pretense of safety, it was obvious that the government was making another grab for power, the same as that that followed the 9/11 crisis. He wants to put the power back into the people’s hands and to be a true representative of the citizens of our great state. With his diverse experiences he feels he has a unique ability to appreciate the struggles of the individual.